Putting Things Into Perspective

Chris Carpenter held the Bucs to three hits and one run in a complete game victory on Friday night.  Zach Duke looked sharp as well, holding St. Louis to three runs through seven innings of work, but ultimately was outmatched by the Cardinals ace.

The fourteenth consecutive losing season for the Pirates took a backburner on the news scene yesterday, however, as both the baseball world and the City of Pittsburgh were shocked by devastating news.

Early Friday evening, it was announced that 22-year-old John Lester, a starting pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, was diagnosed with anaplastic large cell lymphoma, a treatable form of cancer.  Arielle at Red Sox Teen Nation posted before the official announcement with her thoughts on the matter.  It appears as if Lester should recover fully and be able to play baseball at a Major League level again, but obviously any cancer diagnosis is a serious matter.

The news went from bad to worse:  A little before 9 p.m., Pittsburgh Mayor Bob O’Connor lost his battle with primary central nervous system T-cell lymphoma, tragically ending his life at age 61.  Luke Ravenstahl was sworn in shortly after O’Connor’s passing and, at 26, becomes the youngest mayor in Pittsburgh history.

Losses like these put our nation’s pasttime into perspective.  From April to October, many of us eat, sleep and breathe baseball; the sport can bring great joy (and conversely, much sorrow) to its fans.  At 7 o’clock on a summer’s night, you know that your favorite team is ready to entertain you, to thrill you, to bring you together with friends and family in celebration of America’s game.  Without our loved ones, though, baseball loses its luster.  Some may say that baseball is life, but while it does serve as a tremendous bridge between people and across cultures, we need to remember that there is more to the game than batting averages and winning percentages.  It’s the players and coaches who wear the uniforms that matter most.

To Mr. Lester, I offer you my well wishes and hope for a speedy recover.  To the family of Mr. O’Connor, I offer my condolences.  My prayers go out to all who were affected by Friday’s sobering news.


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  1. Lisa

    As a lifelong Red Sox fan, I’ve been very touched how the plight of Jon Lester has been dealt with around the baseball loving community, even from fans who have very little day to day contact with the AL east. Thanks so much for your best thoughts!

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