May 9 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

Just a few notes from today’s (ongoing) game…

–Ian Snell might be the real deal.  Everyone thought that a mistake had been made keeping him in the rotation for his first three starts, but it looks as if he’s regained his AAA form.  Jim Tracy seems to think that he’s one of only a few Buccos who has flame-throwing K-capabilites.  If he keeps giving us quality starts, I’ll be very happy.  Hopefully the other young arms, namely Duke and Maholm, will also come around.

–It doesn’t look as if Freddy Sanchez will ever get his shot.  The Trib today quoted some Pirates’ brass as saying that Jose Bautista is the third baseman of the future.  If Jose Castillo and Jack Wilson are the middle infield of the future, it looks as if Freddy will unfortunately be the utility player of the future.  All the kid does is hit and field and run, and he can’t crack the lineup.  It’s a shame.

–Ryan Doumit and Ronny Paulino are absolutely crushing the ball.  They both need to play (although Doumit needs to get his hammy in shape first).

–Oliver Perez has seen his better days.  The other day on ESPN 1250, Mark Madden had a caller who wondered if perhaps Perez was another ‘roid abuser.  His velocity is down dramatically, which hurts him because his fastball used to set up all of his other pitches.  Now the Pirates are considering skipping him in the rotation–not something you want from the player who was supposed to be your ace.

–Finally, around the fifth or sixth inning, Lanny Frattare gave me a shout-out on the radio side.  I sent him a note with my presidential squad, and he discussed it for a few minutes.  Mentioned my name and everything.  Pretty cool.

Hopefully the Pirates pull this one out and go on a tear.  There’s no place like home.


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